What Does the Fluid Purification and Dehydration Unit Do?

CAN-AK’s Fluid Purification and Dehydration Unit simultaneously filters oil using a submicron filter and removes all free and emulsified water from your oil. The end result is a clean and dry oil that will lengthen the lifespan of your system and ensure the proper operation of your machinery.
How Does the Fluid Purification and Dehydration Unit Work?

    When oil enters the Fluid Purification and Dehydration Unit, it first passes through two electric element heaters where the oil is heated to a set temperature. CAN-AK Technicians ensure that this set point is well below the temperature at which the oil will begin to degrade.

    Once heated, the oil is introduced into a vacuum chamber where it is sprayed over a desiccant bed to increase the surface area exposed to the vacuum. Any free or emulsified water will quickly flash off in this vacuum. This is due to the fact that as you decrease pressure in a closed system, the boiling point of water will also decrease. Thanks to this principle, we are able to flash off moisture in your oil at a much lower temperature that is safer and better for your oil. As the oil drains from the vacuum chamber, it then is pumped through a submicron filter and back into your tank clean and moisture-free. The Fluid Purification and Dehydration Unit can be operated with your system online or down.

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