Varnish Removal

Hard varnish deposits often plate out on the metal surfaces of gas turbines, compressors and other lube oil and hydraulic systems, adversely affecting the operation and performance of the equipment. Using specialized chemical cleaning procedures, CAN-AK can ensure that hard varnish deposits can be effectively removed from piping, reservoirs, and tanks, thereby improving the system’s performance and reliability.

Scale and Rust Removal

Scale and rust can build up over time in lube oil and process piping systems restricting flow and operational performance. Using specialized chemical cleaning procedures, CAN-AK can ensure that this build-up can be effectively removed, thereby improving the performance and reliability of the system.

Thermal Transfer Systems

Sludge, solids, and other contaminants often accumulate within the piping of Heat Transfer Systems, adversely affecting their thermal conductivity and overall performance. Utilizing specialist chemical cleaning agents, flush procedures and built-for-purpose flushing equipment the system can be quickly cleaned and restored to a like-new condition and performance.

Reservoir Cleaning

CAN-AK’s field staff are trained and certified in Confined Space Entry, and we regularly perform internal tank cleaning on lube oil reservoirs. Wiping down the inside of the reservoir with specialized chemicals and lint-free cloths ensures optimal cleanliness. This is an important part of most OEM flush procedures.

CAN-AK provides:

  • Turn-Key Services
  • Engineering Execution & Plans
  • Detailed Pre-Job Planning
  • Exceed OEM Cleanliness Specifications
  • Laser particle counters to give real-time ISO or NAS Cleanliness Codes and water content information


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