Eliminate Varnish & Soft Contaminants!

Varnish is a thin, hard, lustrous, oil-insoluble deposit, composed primarily of organic residue, and most readily definable by color intensity. It is not easily removed by wiping with a clean, dry, soft, lint-free wiping material and is resistant to saturated solvents. Its color may vary, but it usually appears in gray, brown, or amber hues.

CAN-AK has pioneered oil flushing and chemical cleaning varnish mitigation and performs a new generation of varnish removal from turbine oils in circulating systems. Our oil flushing and chemical cleaning process not only ensures varnish and soft contaminants are removed but also deposits and buildup throughout the oil system.

CAN-AK’s New Generation Varnish Mitigation Service Includes:
  • On-line or off-line service
  • System-wide solution
  • Purpose-built equipment
  • 24/7 Turnkey operations
  • Professional trained and certified staff
  • Impeccable safety record
  • Post project reporting
The CAN-AK Advantage:
  • Fits into your schedule
  • Targets contamination in all oil wetted components
  • Small footprint and quick setup
  • Additional customer labor support not required
  • On-site proof of performance
  • Less expensive than offline services
CAN-AK Bottom-Line Value:
  • Keeps your plant running and allows continued production
  • Avoids unplanned downtime, fluid replacement, and disposal costs
  • Improves equipment operating efficiency
  • Avoids fail to start and full load trip conditions
  • Improves machine reliability
  • Extends fluid and component life
Equipment Decontamination

Process Results

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