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High Velocity Oil Flushing

WHY CHOOSE CAN-AK? Don’t Wait for Catastrophe to Strike. Prevent The Chain Reaction of Wear!

CAN-AK can save your plant millions in forced outages with routine oil flushing and chemical cleaning maintenance services. Whether triggered by new equipment installation, sudden failure, or gradual contamination build-up, CAN-AK provides the oil flushing and chemical cleaning turnkey services necessary to manage monitor and advance all phases of your plant’s equipment reliability objectives.
Ensure a Reliable Start-Up Flush and Decontaminate Your Equipment After
  • New Installations
  • Catastrophic Failures
  • Major Overhauls and Rebuilds
  • Scheduled Outages & Plant Turnarounds
In today’s world of sophisticated equipment and OEM warranties, rely on CAN-AK to ensure that your equipment and its fluid systems are operating within specification.
  • Turn-Key Service Minimal Support Required
  • Fast, On-Time Completion
  • Exceed OEM / Industry Requirements
  • Real-Time Analysis and Reporting Included
  • 24/7 Management by Trained & Certified Technicians
  • Extensive Personnel & Equipment Resources

The CAN-AK process utilizes the latest technologies and equipment to complete your project.
  • Engineered Process Units
  • Procedure-Based Operations
  • Auxiliary Jumper Hoses & Piping Provided
  • Pipe-Fitting Included Turn-Key
  • High-Velocity Flow Reynolds Numbers >25,000
  • Full-Flow Sub-Micron Filtration
  • Supplemental Vacuum Dehydration
  • Confined-Space Reservoir Decontamination
  • Real-Time, Laser Particle Counting & On-Site Testing
  • Minimal Project Footprint
  • Self-Powered Options No Electrical Support Required
  • Emergency Response 24/7
High Velocity Oil Flushing: Contaminated Reservoir
Contaminated Reservoir
High Velocity Oil Flushing: Clean Reservoir
Clean Reservoir
High Velocity Oil Flushing Oil: Cleanliness Before Flush
Oil Cleanliness Before Flush
High Velocity Oil Flushing Oil: Cleanliness After Flush
Oil Cleanliness After Flush
High Velocity Oil Flushing Oil: Dirty System After Flush
Dirty System Before Flush
High Velocity Oil Flushing Oil: Clean System Before Flush
Clean System After Flush
High Velocity Oil Flushing: Initial Contamination
Initial Contamination ISO Particle Count: 24/23/21
High Velocity Oil Flushing: No Contamination
No Contamination ISO Particle Count: 15/13/11

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