Welding slag, dirt, debris, and water often contaminate the inside of piping and tubing of critical lube oil, hydraulic oil, and fuel gas systems. Effectively cleaning these systems is imperative as the lubricated components have high extremely tight tolerances regarding the cleanliness condition of the lubricating medium.

CAN-AK utilizes Built-For-Purpose, high flow pump skids and multistage filtration skids to effectively remove all contaminates in your system.

Ensure a Reliable Start-Up Flush and Decontaminate Your Equipment After
  • New installations
  • Plant Turnarounds & Scheduled Outages
  • Major Overhauls and Rebuilds
  • Emergency Outages 
CAN-AK provides:
  • Turn-Key Services
  • Detailed Engineering Execution & Flushing Plans
  • Detailed Pre-Job Planning
  • Laser particle counters to give real-time ISO or NAS Cleanliness Codes and water content information
  • The Ability to Exceed OEM Cleanliness Specifications
  • 24/7 Management by Trained & Certified Technicians


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