What Does the Wohler VIS 350 Borescope Do?

CAN-AK’s Wohler VIS 350 Borescope allows technicians to view the inside of system piping before and after cleaning. Using a fully articulating camera, technicians are able to view entire sections of piping to verify system cleanliness or to inform the customer of the initial condition of the piping. Video and photos can also be saved for both parties™ records using this piece of equipment.

How Does the Wohler VIS 350 Borescope Work?

Using a small camera positioned at the end of a heavy duty, shielded, flexible cable, the BOR2VIS 350 Borescope is able to be inserted deep into piping systems around all bends and turns up to 100 ft. The camera feeds live images along with information such as distance and camera pitch and yaw. It offers the ability to take still photographs as well as live video and record to a properly formatted SD card. This allows CAN-AK Technicians to visually verify the cleanliness of your system after our flush occurs.

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